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Swirling and uptempo, SkyHigh celebrates and explores the unbounded, joy-filled music of heaven.



The third in Will Tuttle's Call trilogy of original solo piano music, SkyHigh is rousing and yet easy to listen to, with vibrant cover art, shimmering melodies, and lots of variety infusing his characteristically flowing style.

The album displays an intricate inner consistency in which the first three pieces palpably lift the listener skyward, the fourth establishes this celestial arrival, the next five pieces explore uplifting aspects of the inner skyscape, and the last two allow both return and further exploration into the endless vistas of being.

CD - $15.00; MP3 Download - $12.00


Also available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, etc.

Click on the highlighted tracks below to hear a short mp3 sample,
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Bursting Light (4:47)
Soaring Beyond Sunrise (5:06)
SkyHigh (6:16)
Secret Winds (4:35)
Deva Swirl (1:29)
Spring Dragon (3:32)
Dance for the Arctic Moon (5:35)
Around the World (16:00)
The Joy of Sky (3:49)
Corona (0:56)
Touched by Wings (4:54)
End of Dreams (5:51) (entire file)

Total Time 63:16

"SkyHigh is all Will; all solo piano. He often sounds like two or three people playing at once, all vibrant, soaring, swirling chords in rich melodic tapestries that weave spells of hope and inspiration. The passion and commitment to planetary healing is evident throughout this wonderful, transportive paean to the sky."  --New Age Retailer Magazine

"SkyHigh: I liked it at first listen and it gets better with each play! Every piece is beautiful, joyful, heartening. Trust me - it will improve your disposition and make you smile. Keep it close." ---- Grace Spencer, WIJY Spirit of the Heart

"I don't usually enjoy piano music without other instruments or vocals, but Will Tuttle brings a depth to his playing that few equal. There is a spiritual quality to this release that is authentic and heartfelt by the musician. SkyHigh transported me to a time of innocence. What a gift Will Tuttle has." --- Magical Blend Magazine

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