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Madeleine Tuttle



Art for Awakening by

Madeleine Tuttle


These vibrant watercolors & innovative designs radiate joy & a tender love for all creation.

Madeleine's deep love for all creation lights her work.  Her creative blending of vibrant and delicate colors reveals some of her vision, that within the inherent tension of opposites and underlying the vast arrays of differences, there is a mysteriously unifying life to be explored and celebrated.

Her visionary art has been exhibited in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

You can partake of Madeleine's art in several ways if you'd like.
She offers museum-quality Giclée prints of her original paintings. The signed & numbered prints are virtually indistinguishable from the originals and can grace your environment with their quiet brilliance and love for creation.

You can also choose her ArtCards that feature specially chosen watercolors as prints in a set of 8 5"x7" greeting cards, attractively packaged with white envelopes and a hand-tied folder.

And you may like to explore her tatting (frivolité). These original lace creations are hand-made my Madeleine in meditation. Hundreds of intricate knots in multi-colored threads create these delicacies which make sacred keepsakes. Each one comes with a petite golden safety pin to use as a brooch and they make beautiful bookmarks and gifts as well.

Madeleine also like to knit wrist warmers for chilly days and evenings. Called "pulswarmerli" (little pulse warmers") in her native Switzerland, they are remarkably effective in keeping uswarm, and add a spash of color to any ensemble.

Madeleine is also accomplished on the silver flute, and has created an album, Inspiration, with Will.

Madeleine also has created videos of her vegan kitchen, gardening, and household crafts.

Click below to see more about Madeleine's work:

Artist Prints

Art Cards

Tatting (Frivolité)

Inspiration CD


Artist Prints



Flute Music


Madeleine showing a few of her tatting creations as brooches:  

Madeleine Tuttle
21373 Highway 175
Middletown, CA 95461
800-697-6614 or 707-207-5020 (message)


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