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Islands of Light

An enhanced CD of evocative original piano melodies by Will Tuttle, companion to a 140-page book by Will; includes PDF files of 6 original watercolor paintings by Madeleine

Islands of Light lie within us, sanctuaries of peace and power. Their music beckons...

Islands of Light CD contains the all-original piano music by Dr. Will Tuttle listed below. When you put this CD in any CD player, you will hear this evocative piano music, 18 pieces, over an hour in length.

This CD is the musical companion to a 140-page book by Dr. Tuttle entitled Your Inner Islands: The Keys to Intuitive Living that you can purchase on this website or on Amazon.com.

When purchased on this website, the book includes color prints of Madeleine's paintings that accompany the text; this CD also includes PDF files of these six paintings that go with the exercises in Chapter Four of the book. Each of the 18 pieces of piano music is designed to complement the adventure of discovery that's outlined in the pages of the book.

Please click here to view the first chapter of Your Inner Islands: The Keys to Intuitive Living.

Please click here to view the 6 paintings on Your Inner Islands: The Keys to Intuitive Living. (For those having difficulty viewing them from the CD.)

Besides being a pianist and composer, Will's Ph.D. in education from the University of California, Berkeley, focused on educating intuition. Your Inner Islands takes you on an inner journey to the Other Shore, teaching keys to developing intuitive wisdom and fulfilling your potential for peace, joy, and creativity.
In addition to the piano music, this CD is suitable as a class on developing intuition, and is a multimedia spiritual adventure.
If you would like to order a PDF of the book only, please click here. A PDF file of the entire book, Your Inner Islands, with the 6 paintings, is $9.00. The .pdf file and .jpg files of the paintings will be e-mailed to you.

CD --- $15.00; MP3 Audio Download - $12.00


Also available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify etc.
(Note: this is the music only, and doesn't include the book or paintings

Click on the highlighted tracks to hear a short mp3 sample,
with large file sizes indicated for hi-speed connections.
Song of Understanding (3:22)
Dance of Light (3:30)
Song of B-flat (3:16)
Song of Inner Spaces (3:20)
Fantasia in F Major
Vivace (3:15)
Tempestoso (3:32)
Pastoral (2:52)
Trionfale (4:14)
Songs from an Art Garden
Lost Island (2:38)
Emerging Jewel (3:02)
Inner Doorway (3:22)
Time Beyond Time (4:08)
Interbeing (3:09)
The Arrival (2:57)
Song of the Truth Field (3:22) (larger 3 minute mp3)
Dance of the Jeweled Web (3:40)
Song of Returning Home (4:21)
Song of the Caring Earth (3:55)

Total Time 63:53



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(All music is available for download at iTunes and similar sites)

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