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Captures the flowing grandeur, peacefulness and mystery of the waters and the vast deep.


OceanPrayer, second in Will's "Call" CD trilogy, rolls serenely through eight hauntingly touching pieces for solo piano. This album bears testimony that slow, relaxing music can also embody musical richness and vibrancy.

The all-original compositions flow on a water-cycle journey motif that draws the listener from bay to ocean depths; to clouds, rains, and rivers, and returning again, propelled and beckoned, always, by the subtle and mysterious power of oceanprayer.

CD - $15.00; MP3 Download - $12.00


Also available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, etc.

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Leaving the Bay (14:30)
Longing for Depth(5:15)
Waves of Light (3:15) (large mp3 file)
Cloud Journey (7:00)
Falling Gently with the Rain (5:25)
Reaching the Sea (4:15)
Ocean of Wisdom(10:50)
Over the Horizon (9:40)

Total Time 59:35

"Each of the eight tracks on OceanPrayer leads harmoniously to the next. The compositions are all original, the playing flawless, the music simply exquisite. Highly, highly recommended." ---  New Age Retailer

"On OceanPrayer, Tuttle brings through deep, rhapsodic melodies, with arpeggios supporting heartfelt themes, often played in octaves. These extended meditations move you as effortlessly as a seagull floating on warm and lifting breezes." ---  NAPRA Review

"OceanPrayer is an enchanting, meditative journey designed to augment quiet, contemplative moments. Flowing and gentle, Will's beautiful melodies caress and soothe the soul, making this a perfect companion to any healing art. 'Leaving the Bay' is an incredibly romantic piece that moves directly to the heart, setting the peaceful tone that pervades the entire recording. There is hope in this music." --- Heartsong Review

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