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Beautiful tapestries of original piano music, animal voices and nature sounds blossoming from the soaring and soothing piano artistry of Will Tuttle.


AnimalSongs is the most emotive, compassionate, enlightened and planetary friendly album ever recorded.
Will Tuttle's refined, p
oignant, dexterous, and prodigious piano skills and virtuosity resonate throughout this entire CD.
These "Songs For Animals" are audio pleasures for liberating our fellow creatures from slaughterhouses and being hunted, and for spiritually saving planet Earth. His luminous, ethereal, and celestial piano masterpieces wondrously inspire our moral imperatives to reduce cruelty to animals, global warming, deforestation, pollution, and environmental decimation.
This wondrous CD emanates from Eden and Paradise and is the best CD in my 4000 CD collection!
It's divinely inspired and musically compelling.” -- Brien Comerford

“If I only had one CD, it would be AnimalSongs.
It's so uplifting and inspiring! If I'm ever in a down mood, it always makes me feel happy.” -- Martha Sullivan

AnimalSongs is a powerful exploration of music, nature and our kinship with animals.

The foundations of this hour-long album are Will Tuttle's twelve evocative new compositions for solo piano. Artfully adorned with the voices of anmals and nature sounds, AnimalSongs creates a listening experience unlike anything you have heard before! Besides pieces with the amazing voices of wild animals like dolphins, wolves, hawks and forest creatures, there are, for the first time, many pieces that showcase the remarkable voices of our old friends, the domesticated animals. This album, Will's fourth  release, is truly music with a message of compassion, caring and celebration. The voices of our animal relations can be heard in a provocative new way and discovered by every listener in their own way. This rich and swirling tapestry reveals even more through headphone listening.

Available as an hour-long plus CD, AnimalSongs will help you remember what matters and bring joy and meaning to your day.

Music-loving Pig“My rescued pig Tiny Belle listening to Will Tuttle's AnimalSongs. She loves the songs. (me also) She talks back to "PigSong" and loves "FishSong." She actually loves them all.” - Diane Rochenski

CD - $15.00; MP3 Download - $12.00


Also available on iTunes, GooglePlay Spotify, etc.

Click on the highlighted tracks to hear a short mp3 sample,
with large file sizes indicated for hi-speed connections.

Alive! (5:46)
Ducksong (3:54)
Turkeysong (1:39)
Cowsong (5:54)
Deersong (3:47)
(large mp3 file)
Pigsong (9:05)
Fishsong (5:01)
Lambsong (3:58)
Chickensong (7:05)
Calvesong (3:56)
Geesesong (3:53)
To Be Free...(6:19)

Total Time 60:45

“In AnimalSongs, woven into Will Tuttle's radiant piano music, there is a spiritual message for our time.” --- John Robbins, founder of EarthSave International

“Words cannot describe the depths of Will Tuttle's imaginative piano paintings. AnimalSongs speaks deeply in the language of life.” --- Richard Mauro, WPVR Radio
“The feeling of AnimalSongs ranges from humorous to haunting and warm, and like Tuttle's previous albums, this one is a joy.” ---Magical Blend magazine

AnimalSongs! It's an original idea and it truly succeeds. Laughter is guaranteed! The good feelings will last for the whole day. It's an artistic bath in nature which refreshes and awakens the sense of simple joy in living. An exceptional, well-crafted musical work.” ---Jean Clara, The Language of Light magazine

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(All music is available for download at iTunes and similar sites)

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