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Ascension: A Journey Beyond

Food for the
Heart and Spirit.

Music that reflects the Ever-Pouring Blessings of Heaven

Piano music of rare power, passion, joy, and inspiration. 

From Will about this album:

People who hear my music live often tell me they'd love a CD that somehow captures the uplifting energy and moving power that flows through my live performances. I believe that with Ascension we come closer than ever to capturing the unique power of this music.

I dedicate this album to building a field of awakening, compassion and peace to surround our earth and bless all beings. We are in a time of enormous transformation, and music has the vibratory power to lift our consciousness to a qualitatively higher level of awareness. We can know, feel, connect, awaken, and love instead of merely scheming, thinking, and manipulating.

Thank you for all you're doing to bless our world and to prepare our consciousness for ascension--the inevitable transformation of human consciousness.

Review -

"Ascension is my favorite. I play it every night before bed. It makes me so happy I want to dance when I listen to it!" - D. Vance (Wimberley, TX)

On this ASCENSION CD, you'll hear beautiful piano music that reflects your deepest aspirations and yearnings, 17 pieces, 66 minutes in length.


CD - $15.00; MP3 Download - $12.00


Also available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, etc.


Click on any of the tracks to hear an mp3 sample:

1. Maitreya's Vow (3:46)
2. Into The Sunrise (4:08)
3. Freedom's Call (5:50
4. Touching Earth (4:05)
5. Inner Sanctum (1:05)
6. Vajrasattva's Mirror (4:09)
7. Interbeing (3:21)
8. Healing Light (2:46)
9. Blossoming Vajra (4:38)
10. Two Angels (4:14)
11. Ascension (2:50)
12. Hasta 2012 (3:18)
13. Golden Rain (3:16)
14. Rainbow Body (2:45)
15. Triumph of Love (3:06)

Bonus Tracks:
16. Alive! (7:05)
17. Benediction Of Light (5:15)

Total Time 63:53


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