The Shining Mind and the Wandering Mind

By Will Tuttle

This mind of infinite brightness,
Clear, free, and unimpeded,
This shining mind sets all the world ablaze.
Joy-filled and quiet,
It spreads from shore to shore,
And covers the lowest alleys and highest mountains.

The old wandering mind
Runs to and fro
Pacing restlessly back and forth in its cage,
Always searching, thinking, questing,
Always proving, circling, approving and disapproving.
Faster and faster it churns,
Whirling in its endless searching.
How does its head fly off?
How does it burst like a bubble, this wandering mind?

The shining mind is ever at peace,
Infinite, calm, and bright,
It sees the world with soft compassion.
Eyes relaxed and twinkling,
Eternally laughing,
This shining mind covers the whole world!
There is nothing to accomplish,
Nothing to prove, and no one to convince of anything.

The shining mind is ever rejoicing, and thus
The wandering mind is settled, at home, and stirs no more.
This is the way of the only way,
The one true way which is not a way.
The shining mind shines and IS—
Vast love fills the universe.


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