The Obvious

By Will Tuttle

This is where poems grow:
Here, among fallen twigs beneath these majestic redwoods,
Visions emerge from the earth,
Pushing up into this air so rich with silence.
The invisible vision-trees here tower toward the sun
And shimmering, they pulse a simple message.
Here, the obvious finally becomes obvious.

Live in peace with one another,
Like the fingers of one hand;
Rejoice and celebrate the life you share,
And give up owning anything.
Breathe deeply, drink deeply, laugh and weep deeply,
And let your song be heard by every breeze.
Be not confined by images of yourself,
For you are truly imageless,
And in the radiance of your being,
Walk in harmony on this earth.

The redwoods stand in utter silence.
The irresistible force of their presence
Draws the bone-marrow itself
Into alignment
The obvious.


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