Mother's Promise

By Will Tuttle

Fish swim in my blood and birds fly from my eyes,
Coyotes and deer run over my skin,
And I love you all and delight in your innocent splendor.

Even you humans I love, though you pollute and block my blood,
Darken my eyes, rip my skin and kill my kin.
Your noise and devastation torture me,
And your insane wars burden me.
Yet I know your true nature, and what you have forgotten.

I invite you to eat of the herbs and fruits of my abundance,
To forgive your horrors and forget your cultural traumas,
And join in the celebration of my fullness and beauty.

You were never cast out of my garden,
You left voluntarily
When you became perverted,
And attacked my creatures for food.
Wanting power, you became slaves.

But now I begin to rejoice, for I feel you begin to remember,
And hear my song again, and move
To my song of freedom and joy,
The ancient rhapsody: not one note missing.
All life is one and love is the truth of our being, and
No one is ever excluded!

Open the ear of your hearts, dear humans,
You are glorious, tender, aspiring!
Put down your knives and forks, your weapons of devastation.
Leave your prison, transform your life, and bless the world!
I hold you
In the warm folds
Of everlasting love.

For you are also, my children, all loving mothers.




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