Brother Fly

By Will Tuttle

Emerging from morning meditation. . .
Smooth sweet flow of mind. . .
Eyes opening slowly. . . and captivated!
A miracle joins me on the bedspread! 
A beautiful little fly, quietly sitting,
Occasionally rubbing front legs together,
And now and then his back legs. 
Suddenly I love this precious fly so strongly! 
As if in response, he turns, facing me directly,
And stops all moving, poised and quiet. 
I admire his delicacy, ability, perfection;
The moment stretches, swallowing time. . .
We are brothers, I feel it,
Created by the same mysterious Hand.
He flies to my shoulder; I feel blessed. 
There is a communion in this room,
A sacred moment of understanding. 
We are safe in each other’s presence, and free.
Infinite Love fills every space in the universe.



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