Remembering the Vision

By Will Tuttle

I saw a great gathering, people arriving from every direction,
From every culture, race and nation,
Young and old, a great circle forming,
Till the human family, finally, gathered as one.
And then they came: walking, crawling, flying, swimming,
All species, our fellow mortals, joining us in the great circle.
And then the ancestors joined us, and beings from generations yet unborn,
And we were joined at last by hosts of nature spirits, and devas and angels,
Long neglected and forgotten, they came forth and rounded out our circle,
So vast, yet so dear, every being somehow close as the two hands in mine.
A hush: all eyes now on us, we humans, calling and sobering us,
Silent expectancy filling the air, the eyes upon us, quietly waiting...waiting...
Slowly we gathered our courage, our hearts beginning to open,
Till one of us raised our eyes to them and met them, and remembered,
And suddenly a beam of light flashed from one heart to another,
And then from another to another and another,
With accelerating tempo, light streams flashed across our circle,
Joining hearts with hearts, humans with non-humans, and with each other,
Building momentum and brightness, forging a web of living light:
Every being joined by sparkling strands, every heart a luminescent gem,
Till from the center of this vast web of jewels,
There burst forth a towering pillar of light:
Brilliant, Infinite, Living, Radiating, Pulsing Love and Knowing,
And suddenly as one, we all understood.
(We are this light, this light is all, Ahh...Ahh-haa!)

And then such a celebration as has never before been seen on this earth broke forth,
Such joy released! Such immense relief! Such laughter, so many tears of recognition!
The hospitals emptied, and the prisons and asylums emptied,
As the great wave of understanding swept throught every heart,
And the slaughterhouse doors were opened, and the doors of the factory farms,
And never again would beings be imprisoned and used by others,
For true compassion and understanding had been born on our earth.



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