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May all beings be happy and at peace.

Dr. Will & Madeleine Tuttle


Education for Peace and Compassion:
The Original Music &Visionary Art of Will & Madeleine Tuttle
Books, CDs, Lectures, Exhibits, Workshops, Retreats, & More

Thanks for joining us - you'll find information about Will's piano music and Madeleine's art.
In addition, you'll find Will's ground-breaking book, The World Peace Diet, as well as Islands of Light, a unique multi-media course on developing intuition, and other leading-edge educational resources.
Please join us on an adventure of healing music, words, and art that can awaken freedom, joy, and understanding.
Together Will and Madeleine travel North America and Europe providing lectures, workshops, concerts, art exhibits, retreats, and personalized music and art.

We are all related - blessings to you on your journey.

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