World Peace Diet Facilitator Circle

Thanks for your Interest in Joining
The World Peace Diet Circle!

As you may understand, The World Peace Diet works on two levels. At the most obvious level, there are the benefits of greater understanding and self-understanding and the freedom and empowerment coming with that.

Beyond this, what are some of the practical things you can do with your greater understanding? You can follow up by taking the World Peace Diet Mastery Program and/or the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training, leading to certification as a World Peace Diet Facilitator. If you'd rather, though you can just join the World Peace Diet Circle and the monthly calls that will be conducted by Dr. Will Tuttle. What are some of the ways you might be able to "plug in" to help spread the message? Here are some ideas -- all of these can be developed and improved through our WPD Circle:

* Share informally, with confidence and effectiveness, with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues.

* Enrich yourself with the tools and self-assurance to lecture, teach, and network in a chosen niche area (such as ecology, health, spirituality, social justice, and animal advocacy).

* Start an online business to educate and inspire others.

* Create your own e-books, audio books, blog, video, or other helpful content to position yourself as a valuable resource in the vegan community and in our world.

* Develop a practice as a vegan coach, mentoring others in their journey to greater health, happiness, and compassion.

* Spread the teachings in public forums as a writer, artist, filmmaker, teacher, facilitator, organizer, or networker.

* Create your own organization that offers educational and inspirational presentations to schools and community groups.

* The opportunities are limitless! Your support of The World Peace Diet vision will return many-fold in a variety of ways, and help us to further the cause of creating a more compassionate, sustainable, and healthy world. Deep thanks for all your efforts.

Our future of health, kindness, abundance, freedom, and awakened understanding is beckoning! Thanks for hearing the call, being the change, and being a key part of the solution!

There are two ways to register for the WPD Facilitator Circle.

One is to register for $18 per month. Please see below for this option.

$18 per month option

The other is to register for only $144 for an entire year. Please see below for this option.

$144 per year option

These are special introductory prices and if you register at either of these levels, we will not increase it for you, even if it is eventually increased for those who join later.

Discount Scholarships
We are offering a number of scholarships to the Circle.
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Thanks for your efforts and support. Together we can transform our culture and help raise consciousness and heal our world.